Metal Roof Replacement Dallas TX: Residential, Commercial, Etc.

If you have time to look around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, you will see that asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in the area. While it may serve its purpose, other options can provide optimal durability and longevity than an asphalt roof. A metal roofing system can last almost twice as long as its lifespan.

Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular because of their benefits. Apart from being insect, fire, and weather-resistant, they help reduce cooling costs by reflecting UV rays. With all the advantages metal roofing has to give, we are not surprised if you, too, will make the switch.


What Makes A Good Metal Roof Contractor?

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Even though metal roofs are durable, you need a trusted contractor to do the replacement for you. Otherwise, there can be errors that will cost you more than you should. Here are some characteristics of a great metal roof contractor:

Good Reviews

What is the first thing you should check out? The contractor’s pages and websites, of course. See their past customers’ satisfaction ratings and reviews. Through them, you will have a glimpse of the company’s values and work ethics.


You only want to work with legitimate experts, so check for the licenses they have. See if they are affiliated with credible institutions and if they have undergone accreditation. Make sure that their materials are also of high quality.


Saying yes to a contractor that provides you with short warranty agreements may inconvenience you in the long run. Go for companies that will offer longer ones. Read through the document and clarify any unclear statements for your protection and reassurance.

Commercial Metal Roof Replacement

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Depending on what the local building codes allow, a contractor can directly place a new metal roof over your current roofing system. The only problem you will encounter is the moisture trapped between the old and new roofs. It can harm your building. That is why it is vital to hire an experienced contractor who can handle this delicate process well.

If it is not feasible, you will have to remove your old roof. You can choose to replace it with a metal shake roof, copper roof, steel roofing, or standing seam metal roof, to name a few.

A metal roof replacement for your commercial property will be one of the best decisions you will make. You will save a lot because it does not require a lot of maintenance, and it will help you reduce your cooling costs, especially during summer.

We will gladly offer you our expertise for metal roof replacement.

Residential Metal Roof Replacement

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If your roof is easily worn out, it is time to choose a different material. Metal roofing will not disappoint you when it comes to performance. It will protect you from intense weather and insects. It is also non-combustible.

Replacing your home’s old roof with a metal roofing system will increase the durability and appearance of your home. Metal roofs have different types that will make your house more stylish. Your options include aluminum roofing, metal roof shingles, sheet metal roofing, galvalume roof, metal tile roof, and many others.

We will gladly do all the metal roof replacement jobs for your home. With our expertise, we will reduce the noise brought about by rain, sleet, or hail.

We will give you the best materials and service to avoid any hassle on metal roofing replacement.

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